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Older but still valid items below ... 

 Testing the fog systems on a large L3DT mesh sorted for NF/NB .

P3D makes editing and tweeking your .fx shader files easy. And agian , how you see it in P3D , is ho wit will be in your game.  

 Light mapped level in P3D.
 P3D was used to place some items on the map and to adjust light map and shadow map settings.

Tweaking engine flame glows and alpha blending, to get it just rite.

Justa quick city mock-up done. 

 P3D Gun Demo was a test of P3D in its early stages, a proof of concept showing fast development of a game.

Click the pic to go to the Gun Demo Game's page.

Bit of a different view of the simple terrain.

No normals on it at this time, but it would look even better . 

Tested loading a huge tilled mesh into P3D.

It loaded quicker than other tools .

It is 16 x 128x128 quad tiles.

In game you would only see 9 at a time at most.

The lights are a bit off in some of those snaps. LOL.

FPS was low , due to testing on old rig & a few other app open.

+ Tested the light indicator systems.
You could bake a simple light map using P3D (pending NF updates)


Creepy lighting and other light settings edited in P3D are saved out in the .N3D and will look just the same in game.

 A true 3D immage made from screen capping the NF powerd preview screen in P3D

Sample video showing some of P3D's features. 

   Click either of the 2 below to see full size samples of the brush pallette at work on some meshes Ozylot over at 3DSciFI.com made.

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