P3D Gun Demo Game ,
    a early proof of concept for P3D.

 The Gun Demo Game ( GDG ) , was originally intended just to be a test scene in NF / P3D that I was going to see how much i could setup in a resulting .N3D file ready for use in a NF / NB game. It was very easy to build and became fun to work on and I got carried away. Before I knew it I had the shell of a game , visually, and media wise. 

 So why not take it a step further and actual code the game that would use the file in NF ( C++ flavor of NG ) ?  

 It was dead easy, as i could make use of NF's named ents , that had been named in P3D could be easily located and controlled in the game by name. What would have taken me a few months just setting up the scene in 3rd party editors, importing and trial fitting only to have to restart and re-import . Well in P3D I simply import my existing game media and placed it around the scene as needed . I could set the scale and orientation of all the ents i had imported. When I saved the whole scene out I knew it would load into a NF/NB game just as I saw it in P3D.

 Now i had this wonderful .N3D file , full of all the parts i needed from the bullet meshes to the target ships , oh and even the lighting stayed in place. It only took a few days to attach some pretty standard control code to the parts of the gun turret and all the other important parts . All of the pivots had been setup and named , making rotation control of the gun turret's  joints real easy .

 I made a few textures and 2d HUD parts , setup some key input controls .. and away it went. Next thing i know i was looking in my  music folders for some game music i made, and a few sound effects.

 It's not perfect but it is a fun  way to see what can be done easily with NF  using P3D.

 Press 'h' in-game to display on screen help.



 Click Pic below to see it fullsize I grabbed the screen at.

 Click Pic below to see it fullsize I grabbed the screen at.

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